About Us


Noli (pronounced no-lee) is a family-owned and operated business based out of the Boston, MA area.  Our company is centered around love, interconnectedness, and giving: three things that are evident in how we came to be and how we continue to give.

It all started when Katie knitted two adorable matching hats as Christmas presents for her nieces, Nora and Lily.  Our family started jokingly saying, “you should sell these!”.  Well, fast forward a few months, and here we are doing just that… selling the hats that Katie knits plus some more that are knitted by our team.  

With that being said, a portion of every sale’s proceeds will be donated to Action Against Hunger.  Now that’s what we call a win-win-win: a baby in a cute (and warm, of course) hat, supporting a small family-owned business, and supporting those in need.

Meet Our Knitters


Anna K.

"I am 48 years old. I am living in Bensalem, which is located in the Philadelphia suburbs. I was born in Russia in Siberia (it is really cold there). I moved to America with all my family almost 25 years ago. My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was 6 years old and it became my favorite hobby since then. I am web-designer and computer programmer which unfortunately have nothing to do with crafting, but when I am not working and not spending time with my youngest son (he is 13), I am knitting or felting, which became my second favorite hobby after knitting. I can knit anywhere: on the train, in airplane, during my lunch time or just in front of the TV.  

One of my new affection is felting. I love to create amazing items just from fibers and pieces of silk.

You can find me on Etsy :   https://www.etsy.com/shop/AnnushkaLittleThings "


Judy H.

"I’ve been knitting over 50 years and have a love of all things fiber related.  The projects don’t really matter, dishcloths, hats for charity, colorwork sweaters or Christmas stockings, as long as yarn is involved!  One of my passions is repairing family heirloom items that find themselves in need of “a little love"." If you're looking for repair work, you can contact Judy at jkhoeft@yahoo.com


Debbie S.

 "I am a professional knitter based out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. My love of all things yarn began at an early age, with some of my first memories being of my great grandmother crocheting and knitting when we would go over to her house for Sunday lunch. I was enamored with their handiwork and begged my mother to teach me how to crochet, to which she complied. From then on, I was always seen with a crochet hook and a skein of yarn nearby.

As time passed on, I got married to the love of my life- to whom I have been happily married to for 39 years. We welcomed a beautiful daughter together and I quit my job to stay at home and take care of her. Shortly after our little girl turned 4, I decided that in addition to crocheting, I really wanted to become a knitter to honor my great grandmother and I finally had the time to do so. I enrolled myself in a local series of classes with our first project being cable knit sweaters. Since then, I haven’t put the knitting needles down!

After making that first sweater, I began teaching myself how to knit other things such as scarves, afghans, hats, baby clothing, etc. As I perfected my craft, a good friend of mine suggested that I become a professional knitter and helped me submit my resume to knitting companies worldwide. I am proud to say that I have been contacted by multiple companies and have written patterns for them as well as had my work showcased in magazines and fashions around the globe!

Not all of my knitting is for profit- in fact most of it is gifted to loved ones or donated through a local hospital. When my mother was undergoing chemotherapy, she loved looking at all the handmade items people had volunteered to knit for the patients like her. She made me promise that I would continue to knit hats, lapghans, and prayer shawls for cancer patients long after she was gone. Unfortunately, the cancer got the best of her and she passed away in 2010. Since then, I have been actively involved in a knitting circle where we continue to make free items to brighten these patients day.

If for some strange reason I am not knitting, you can find me spending time with my loving husband and our 2 dogs. My beautiful daughter has blessed us with 3 ‘granddogs’ and we are fortunate to be able to ‘babysit’ them on a regular basis. In addition to knitting, I love reading and my favorite place to do so is in a beach chair listening to the ocean  . Rest assured, I will always have a set of knitting needles and a skein of yarn close by!"


Patrick L.

"Patrick Lyddy has been knitting since 2001 and crocheting since 2003. Now the owner and creator of Krafted by Kobuu and Kobuu.com, Patrick creates stuffed toys, hats, and all manner of commissioned works as requested by his customers. Patrick is also credited as being a part of the Shibaguyz Designz production team and has his samples printed in two of their pattern collections. You can follow Patrick on Instagram and Twitter @kraftedbykobuu or through his blogs on kobuu.com where he talks crafting, life, and drinking tea." 


Barbara S.

 I'm a 71 year old great grandma living with my two rescue black labs named Knit and Purl! I have 3 sons, 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren who have everything and anything they want or need made with yarn.

I inherited the yarn passion from my grandma but did not pick up the craft until my 20`s. I learned how to crochet first and made many single crochet afghans. We lived near Brunswick Mills in South Carolina so I got spoiled with their outlet store so close. It was there that I took a knitting class and put away my hooks for knitting needles. I still like to crochet but I love to knit. 

I worked for Coats and Clark making afghans, sweaters and miscellaneous needleworks for their catalogs. I have been a volunteer knitter for the local hospital making baby hats for the past 10 years. I donate prayer shawls to my church and the local cancer center.  And of course I keep my family happy with all their yarn needs.

I always have several projects on my needles knitting my cares away! Wherever I'm sittin` I'm knittin`!